Dynamic Warm Up

Studies have shown that a dynamic warm up before competition is more beneficial to athletes than static stretching… WHAT????

Dynamic warm up (aka dynamic stretching) is moving joints through range of motions that will be used in your sporting activities, like: high knees, butt kicks, side shuffles, carioca, skipping and bounding.  

Static stretching is stretching in a range of motion that would likely exceed the range usually used in your sport, like: quad stretches, hamstring stretches, etc. Static stretching is for increasing range of motion and creating actual changes to your muscle fibers.

So, what’s my point???

If you and your offspring athlete are warming up before competition, move!  Break a sweat and warm up your body! Try the things listed above! If you’re just stretching, you are not going to prepare your muscles, ligaments, tendons, etc. for anything!  In fact, if you are only statically stretching, there’s a chance you may actually slow yourself down (due to inhibition of sensors (Golgi tendon organs) in our tendons that provide explosive response to quick stretch.

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