Think Outside the Box: Part 1

Imagine that every person has a 3d box surrounding him/her. It’s a 3D box that is tight fitting.  


If athletes stay within that box, they’re pretty stable and strong and they can generate a good amount of force in their box.  If an outside force is closer to their bodies, they should be able to stabilize well.


The more the athlete reaches out of that box, the less stable and strong they are. The farther an outside force is away from their bodies, the more unstable they can become.




Well, it means that we need to engage our core stability.  And, if we’re reaching out and trying to generate forces, we’d better make sure that our core strength is enough to support our bodies through the force. It doesn’t mean that we should never leave our boxes, but we have to strengthen and control our positioning outside of the box…


If we can manage to do that, we can probably avoid some injuries.  Let’s think about that with a couple of examples.  


·     Swimmers are often diagnosed with shoulder injuries as a result of reaching overhead and not being able to stabilize their shoulder blades.  They could avoid injury if they were stabilizing their shoulder blades consistently and keeping them in good position.

·     Soccer players are often injuring their ACLs, PCLs, menisci, LCLs and MCLs.  It’s usually in a play where they are reaching with their legs to trap or tackle.  If they weren’t reaching so far out of their boxes, they could probably avoid injury.


So…take a look at your core strength and stability and your positioning in sport!


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